lily and the pearl

LILY AND THE PEARL songstress Laura Brino is a middle school art teacher by day, inspiring songbird by night and the oh-so-sought-after light at the end of the tunnel in the world of female-fronted folk music. With a musical DNA similar to Dido or Natalie Merchant, Laura has a power and grace that is all her own. Her determination to create earthy and natural sounding folk music, like the emotion-tinged Elephant or the upbeat and quirky Running Shoes, is incredible...think of them as walk-along songs to listen to when strolling through Times Square...or the warm coffee on a cold, rainy day. This frontwoman plays all the right cards in a deck meant for bearded male hipsters. She maintains her femininity without being too demanding about it. Her beauty in her words is just as important as her folk music stamina. Her songs are very personal and come straight from her own emotional experiences. It's this rawness that makes her music as infectious as it is. Her persistence to remain original is a quality hard to find in singers today.

Laura, a Maryland native and self-taught musician, began to play the piano at age 8, had her first gig at age 16 and ever since then has been performing, writing, recording and producing her own music. With four albums completed to date, LILY AND THE PEARL has charmed its way into thousands of hearts. On her most recent album, Snowglobe, Laura penned the lyrics while also playing the guitar, piano, and cello parts. Added to the mix on this latest album is Chesapeake Bay musician Sean Jackson, whose deeper, multi-instrumental tones add to Laura's softness. His talents on guitar, bass, and drums intertwines harmoniously with Laura's lyrical storytelling. Delivered in a manner that truly speaks from her heart, she caresses her words with an emotional lilt. She conveys her feelings in a manner that draws you into her private world, transforming LILY AND THE PEARL into an intimate experience for all listeners.

"Lily And The Pearl is the oh-so-sought-after light at the end of the tunnel in the world of folk music..." - FensePost 
"Superb original songs, a great pop sensibility, a beautiful voice...Brino wears her heart on her sleeve." - B Magazine 
"Brino's breathy vocal delivery lends itself perfectly to her catchy and quick-witted refrains..." - Performer